7 Strategies to guarantee the results of App Monetization in 2019 !

in blog on July 13, 2019

We’re going to discuss everything about app monetization in this blog post and let you know how to maximize app revenue.

Deciding to create an app is definitely not an simple task, as it needs a intelligent concept, adequate planning, market research, etc. More importantly, the development of apps is a heavy investment. This forces companies or an individual to believe twice before finalizing their choice.

Of course, everyone understands that an app has become a company requirement for a variety of reasons including direct interaction with target audience, sending advertising notifications, increasing sales of products and services, etc. In other words, app plays a crucial role in helping company develop adequately. Is there any way to directly gain cash from the app, apart from company development?

Of course, yes! App monetization is now in trends, and most app owners use the best technique to gain heavy amounts. And so they get better returns from their investment. So, how can an app be monetized?

Here we will address everything about app monetization and let you know how to maximize app revenue. Before this, we will let you understand the fundamental idea in terms of the real significance of app monetization and how it operates.

What is the meaning of App Monetization?
To define the meaning of app monetization, it is a way to earn money from the app even without charging for download. It enables you produce revenue from your app, with adequate planning and, indeed, the correct approach. In many respects, you can gain revenue from your mobile app, including buying in-app, marketing, information selling, one-time payment, and more. According to the source, buying in-app is used more widely by developers around the globe.

A Pharid Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. will assist you choose the correct monetization approach to gain maximum revenue. They select the correct monetization model according to your app type and effectively integrate the same.

Hiring the correct one from the top app monetization firms list should be concentrated to create your plan more dynamic.

How does App Monetization work?
The most interesting fact about app monetization is that even a free app can earn money. Isn’t that? As mentioned above, there are several methods to monetize a mobile app. Advertising is the most prevalent model of app monetization that is used to a higher degree late.

In this model, your mobile app will show advertisements or commercials from separate products and customers will pay you for every click. In this trend of app monetization, third parties pay the mobile app owner.

So if you’re considering this way of monetizing your app, you should also consider Google AdMob. It’s the best app monetization platform to create revenue from your app and maximize your earnings from both advertising and in-app purchase.

It’s the best app monetization platform to create revenue from your app and maximize your earnings from both advertising and in-app purchase.

How much money one can earn through Google AdMob?

It’s one of the frequently asked questions by majority of app owners. Well, your earning from Google AdMob depends on several factors;

  • The selected revenue model for your app.
  • Your app revenue model for earning money from users who click your ads.
  • Or you just rely on in-app purchases.
  • Efforts you put in your app promotion.
  • Organic promotion or ads.
  • User engagement

What is the strategy for App Monetization?

Look at some of the most sought-after app monetization policies in 2019 that are gaining tremendous attention from app developers to churn out a enormous income. These approaches are also the best answer for those seeking answers on how to monetize the Android app or iOS app.

In-App Purchase and In-App Advertising

It is the most trusted app monetization models on which app owners have every reason to depend. By combining in-app purchase with in-app ads, you can expect better results. This is now being implemented by a majority of developers to maximize the app’s earnings.

But, it’s fact that combing in-app purchase (IAP) and in-app advertising (IAA) is not easy. The actual reason is these two have different vendors. Developers tackle this issue by designing functionality to bring both IAP and IAA under a single roof.


Collect and sell data for cash

It’s another tested and attempted strategy of app monetization that you can use to earn cash. All you need to do is maintain in mind about privacy and law. This act, however, is definitely not an illegal activity. You can obtain email IDs or contact user numbers from your app and sell them to others who need the same to run their online marketing campaigns. And they’ll pay you a heavy price for that.

Nearly every free app depends on this monetization strategy app and earns heavy revenue from their applications.

Make Ads Localized Through Technologies

Of course, advertising is the best way to monetize the app. But, too many advertisements sometimes distract users and eventually make them extremely frustrated. So, it also tends to ruin your attempts to monetize your app.

It’s easier to locate your advertising campaign using state-of – the-art systems such as WiFi, GPS, Beacons, etc. These are the most helpful technology stacks that enable real-time targeted mobile ads to readily communicate with customers when they’re near the shops. Users tend to be more likely to access advertisements when they are closest to a specific store’s place to purchase anything.

Virtual Currency

Virtual currency is something that is used to monetize mobile apps, particularly game apps. Users can gain currency by playing online games and achieving a defined amount. You can set certain circumstances, such as downloading certain applications, playing more, or gaining currency through certain ads, to promote users to win more virtual currency.

Affiliate Marketing

If your app is popular, then you should let other companies promote their products and services to enhance revenues. They will pay you, of course, in exchange for it. Although it is the most popular mobile app monetization approach yet extremely efficient, particularly for game applications.

You will gain cash in affiliate advertising when brand produces leads through your app. To maximize revenue, you need to plan a unique approach. Using affiliate advertisements, you can promote customers to redeem their points, receive virtual currency or more.


As the name indicates, freemium applications are free to download from customers. Users need to access certain premium characteristics that are paid for in order to use the app. Through their freemium model of app monetization, you can thus gain cash. This model’s primary intention is to attract consumers to boost the download of the app.

The more app downloads, the more revenue will be produced. In other words, the user engagement of the app determines how much cash you can earn through the freemium model.


In order to get the maximum out of this app monetization model, always try to create content updated and new. Remember, consumers are not interested in paying for ancient or meaningless material. So hold this thing in your mind at all times.

All you need to do is create a correct routine to update your app to encourage users to frequently access and participate with your app. In other words, you should encourage customers to spend more time on the app, and this will definitely make your app monetization strategy a success.

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